Sharing my love for the outdoors, the Colorado River, Arizona, hiking and education.

I love to get people to think differently about the world we live in. Nature is beautiful. It should be shared, explored, preserved and lived in. We live in an industrial age - an automated age. But we are fortunate enough to have so many incredible places to visit where nature still thrives and where we can be a part of it. Nature society is just a celebration of nature and living amongst the trees and stars.

Sunset on the Desert
Hiking Path


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June Zwan grew up in Yuma, Arizona near the Colorado River. She earned her degree in environmental science and started her own nature society where she loves helping people learn more about nature, explore and just have a great time outdoors. 

To this day, June continues her goal of educating children about the wonders of nature and the importance of preservation. She lives in Arizona and regularly visits hiking hotspots the Painted Desert Trail and the Telegraph Pass Trail. She loves the outdoors and loves to share her passions with others.


"I love to introduce people to the outdoors. It's just incredible to get out there and explore how amazing our world is."


June Zwan


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